Climate Action Teams

Climate Action Teams are designed to support and empower you to make specific changes in your daily life that will reduce your contribution to climate change and meet your 30 X 20 Pledge goals. Click here to see a list of Santa Cruz Climate Action Teams.

Climate Action Teams consist of 5-8 people  (your friends, coworkers, neighbors, family, fellow church members, classmates, etc) who come together during four short meetings over six weeks to calculate their current CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions, set personal emission reduction goals, tailor make and implement action plans to meet those goals, tally and celebrate their cumulative results, and support and inspire one another. Teams are guided through the process by a team leader and a simple, straight-forward and adaptable workbook called "Low Carbon Diet" by David Gershon. There are a number of ways you can participate in this program:

  • Become a team leader. We will lead you through a 2.5 hour training session and then provide you the support and resources necessary to lead teams on your own. Leading teams is fun, easy, empowering, and requires approximately 12-15 hours over the six week program period. Meet our current Climate Action Team leaders.
  • Participate in a team. You can form one of your own or we can place you in a team. We will provide your team with a leader.
  • Activate a community you are already a part of by presenting this idea to them (or we can present it to them), identifying potential leaders and having them go through our training program, and forming many teams throughout the group.
  • Pick up a copy of the "Low Carbon Diet" online or at the public library and go through the workbook on your own.

Please contact program coordinator Collette Streight at if you are interested in participating or want additional information. Thank you for your contribution!

Current Climate Action Team members have this to say about the program:
"I was a little nervous and thought it might be hard, but it has been easy, super fun, totally inspiring, and I've learned a lot. I also get the support of my team to do the things I have been wanting to do anyway." DB, Santa Cruz

"Working in a group beyond my own family has been very fun and helpful in finding new ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Each person has such a different view to bring and share. Our family has been working at it a long time, but I found we had been ignoring certain things that the fresh look has revealed are doable now. Also, the group is very upbeat- something I have had a hard time achieving!" CK, Santa Cruz

"Working with my Climate Action Team makes the whole prospect of lowering my carbon output doable and fun. It brings the future to now."  JF, Santa Cruz

"I love that the Low Carbon Diet focuses on my household, my lifestyle, and my actions. So much of the typical discourse on the climate crisis leaves a sinking feeling that the issue is so big, and the solutions must be political and global. My CAT team gave me a personal role in addressing climate change. Now I know our country can reduce its CO2 emissions by 30% in 10 years, because I'm lowering mine by 20% this year."  MM, Santa Cruz

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